How to Remove Your IP from AT&T’s Blacklist

If you are not able to send emails to AT&T or other AT&T related email servers, then it is possible that your server has been added to the AT&T blacklist. Your IP can be removed from AT&T’s blacklist within 24-72 hours if you are not spamming again. Contacting AT&T Phone Support Number can help you in delisting your IP from AT&T’s blacklist.
Following steps can also be applied if your IP has been blacklisted by AT&T:

  • AT&T blacklist verification: If your email server has been blacklisted at AT&T, then you will receive a bounced email i.e. non-delivery report along with an error code 521 which will mention the reason for adding your IP to the blacklist. You can also check your email server logs to see the rejection messages.
  • Preliminary Blacklist removal tasks: Before requesting for removal of your IP address from the blacklist, it is important to know the reason which has led to blacklisting. For this you need to check the following things:
1.    Make sure you have not sent any unauthorized email from your account.
2.    Check the number of emails you are sending to AT&T.
3.    Check the compromised user accounts.
4.    Now check the people sending emails to the AT&T server.
          Check all the server mail logs and access logs to find the reason for blacklisting. It is better to find the reason immediately as it can bring down the reputation of the email sender and with a low sender reputation, AT&T might not remove you from the blacklist.

  • Blacklist removal process: To remove your IP from the blacklist, you can go to the AT&T’s block injury website. There you can view a list of AT&T email error codes and the form for AT&T blacklist removal request form. Complete the request form and then you will receive a reply from AT&T within a few hours. It will take some days till AT&T removes your server IP from the spam blacklist.

This is the process to get the IP server removed from the AT&T blacklist. Make sure to follow the rules while sending emails through AT&T so as to prevent this from happening in future again. However, if you need any technical support for this matter then we can advise you to call at the AT&T Helpline Support Number. The technical executives at our side can properly guide you about what steps can be undertaken to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Also if you need help regarding any other issue with AT&T, then also you can dial our AT&T Customer Service Number. only the best and experienced technicians are available here to help you.


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